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  •  📰 8 US newspapers sue OpenAI & Microsoft

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Ukraine has launched an innovative project by introducing the world's first AI-generated diplomat, Victoria Shi, to represent its Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Details:

  • This groundbreaking move is designed to improve efficiency and resource management, particularly in times of crisis.

  • Named after Ukrainian singer Rosalie Nombre, Victoria Shi will act as the digital face of Ukraine's diplomatic efforts, providing real-time updates on consular matters.

  • The AI spokesperson is set to enhance communication, making diplomatic processes smoother and more effective.

  • To ensure authenticity and prevent misuse, the ministry has implemented QR codes linking to official statements, verifying that communications are genuine.

This strategic deployment of AI underscores Ukraine’s commitment to leveraging technology to optimize diplomatic functions and maintain transparency, demonstrating a forward-thinking approach in governance.


A coalition of eight prominent US newspapers, including the New York Daily News and Chicago Tribune, has filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft.

The Details:

  • The suit accuses the tech giants of using copyrighted news content illegally to train their AI systems, such as ChatGPT.

  • The lawsuit includes major publications like the Denver Post and the Orlando Sentinel, all owned by Alden Global Capital.

  • The newspapers claim billions have been invested in creating content that OpenAI and Microsoft are using unlawfully to enhance their AI products.

  • Microsoft has not commented on the allegations, while OpenAI has yet to respond.

This legal action highlights ongoing concerns about the ethical use of copyrighted materials in developing AI technologies, emphasizing the clash between traditional media and tech companies over intellectual property rights.



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Amazon Renames AI Coding Tool: Amazon’s AI-assistive coding tool, formerly known as CodeWhisperer, has been rebranded to Q Developer and incorporated into the Q family of tools.

EU Scrutiny on Encryption Policy: The European Commission is under scrutiny for its secretive interactions with private tech companies regarding a controversial encryption-breaking proposal, with calls for increased transparency.

OpenAI and Financial Times Collaboration: OpenAI has formed a deeper collaborative content deal with the Financial Times, moving beyond mere financial transactions.

Shinkei's Fish-Harvesting Technology: Shinkei has secured $6 million to advance its humane fish-harvesting technology from pilot to production, aiming to deploy 10 machines by year-end.

Sam’s Club’s New AI Exit Technology: Sam’s Club now enables customers to exit the store without manual checks on purchases made at registers or via the Scan & Go app.

SafeBase's Funding for AI Security Reviews: SafeBase, specializing in automated software security reviews, has raised new funds, including an investment from Zoom’s corporate venture capital.

Yelp’s AI Chatbot: Yelp has introduced an AI-powered chatbot to assist consumers in finding relevant businesses for various services.

Ceartas Founder's Inspiration for AI Startup: Dan Purcell, founder of Ceartas, inspired by his personal experience with privacy invasion, has developed an AI startup idea focused on content security.

Google’s Gemini AI Platform: Google has launched Gemini, a comprehensive suite of generative AI models, apps, and services, aimed at enhancing the AI landscape.


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