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  • 🗣️ Sam Altman Calls GPT-4 Dumbest

🗣️ Sam Altman Calls GPT-4 Dumbest

PLUS: Microsoft bans US police 🚫

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  • 🗣️ Sam Altman calls ChatGPT-4 dumbest at Stanford

  • 🚫 Microsoft bans US police from using AI facial recognition tool

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Sam Altman calls ChatGPT-4 dumbest at Stanford

Image Source: YouTube/Stanford eCorner

OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman, recently made a bold statement at Stanford University, calling GPT-4 the "dumbest model" we'll ever use, hinting that future AI models will be leaps and bounds beyond what we see today.

The Details:

  • Altman was a guest at Stanford's Entrepreneurial Thought Leader series, where he discussed the rapid advances and future potential of AI.

  • He suggested that the upcoming GPT-5 and beyond will greatly surpass the capabilities of GPT-4, indicating a fast pace of innovation in AI.

  • Altman emphasized his commitment to investing heavily in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), asserting the potential societal value outweighs the cost.

Altman's discussion highlighted the brisk evolution of AI technology, suggesting that what's cutting-edge today like GPT-4 will soon be outdated by even smarter systems.


Image Source: Getty Images

Microsoft has updated its terms of service for Azure OpenAI Service, reinforcing its ban on U.S. police departments using the technology for facial recognition purposes.

The Details:

  • The updated terms now explicitly ban U.S. police from using Azure OpenAI Service for facial recognition, and this applies to current and possibly future AI models.

  • The changes also address global law enforcement, specifically banning the use of real-time facial recognition technologies on mobile devices like body cams in public settings.

  • While the ban is comprehensive for uncontrolled environments in the U.S., it leaves room for certain controlled uses and does not apply to international police under specific conditions.

The update aims to mitigate risks such as racial bias and the creation of inaccurate data, which are particularly critical issues given the sensitive nature of law enforcement activities. Through these measures, Microsoft is striving to balance innovation with ethical responsibilities in AI usage.


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Anthropic Launches Enterprise Product: AI company Anthropic has unveiled its first enterprise product alongside a free iPhone app, designed to meet specific business needs.

US Newspapers vs. OpenAI and Microsoft: Several US newspapers are suing OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement, alleging that their content was used to train AI models without permission.

Tech CEOs Join Government AI Safety Board: CEOs from leading US tech companies have joined a new AI safety board initiated by Homeland Security, aimed at protecting critical services from AI-related disruptions.

Google's Content Deal with News Corp: Google has reportedly struck a deal with News Corp to develop AI-driven content and products, although News Corp has since denied these claims.

Vibe-Eval AI Challenge: The new Vibe-Eval benchmark is testing AI models on their ability to understand complex emotions, posing a significant challenge to current technologies.

Advancements in 3D Mapping: The Lightplane project has made significant strides in 3D mapping technology, which could improve applications in urban planning, gaming, and more.

Enhancements to NPi’s Virtual AI Agents: NPi has updated its virtual AI agents, boasting substantial improvements in natural language processing and user interaction capabilities.

ReplyGuy Automates Social Media: ReplyGuy, a new automation tool for social media interactions, is becoming increasingly popular among businesses for its efficiency and user-friendliness.


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