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  • 🎥 OpenAI Sora’s biggest rival is here

🎥 OpenAI Sora’s biggest rival is here

Salesforce to open first AI centre 🏢

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  • 🎥 Chinese firm Kuaishou launches a Rival to Sora

  • 🏢 Salesforce to open first AI centre in London

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Image Source: Kuaishou

Chinese technology company Kuaishou has introduced KLING, a cutting-edge video generation model that rivals OpenAI's Sora, showcasing significant advancements in AI-driven video production.

The Details:

  • High-Quality Video Generation: KLING can produce videos up to two minutes long at 1080p resolution and 30 frames per second, featuring complex motion sequences that maintain physical accuracy [Demo].

  • Advanced Technology: The model utilizes a 3D space-time attention system to enhance the modeling of motion and interactions, supported by a scalable framework and optimized inference techniques.

  • Creative Capabilities: Equipped with a diffusion transformer, KLING can blend concepts to create imaginative scenes, such as a cat driving through a busy city, illustrating its potential for creative and entertainment industries.

With KLING, Kuaishou marks its entry into the competitive field of generative AI, pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve in video production. This development not only enhances Kuaishou’s standing in technology but also enriches the AI landscape, promising new possibilities for creators and industries worldwide.


Image Source: Getty Images

Salesforce is making a significant investment in the U.K.'s tech sector with the launch of its first artificial intelligence center in London, showcasing a commitment to fostering innovation in the region.

The Details:

  • The center, spanning over 40,000 square feet in the Blue Fin Building, aims to foster industry collaboration and host AI training programs.

  • The center is part of a broader $4 billion investment by Salesforce in the U.K. and is expected to create 500,000 AI-related jobs.

  • The facility will open on June 18 with an event aimed at training more than 100 developers, illustrating Salesforce’s focus on skill development and community engagement.

By launching its AI center in London, Salesforce is not only enhancing its support for the U.K. and Ireland business but also positioning the city as a pivotal player in the global AI landscape.



PopAI is an innovative AI tool that simplifies the creation of presentations by automatically generating structured outlines, smart layouts, and illustrative graphics based on the input topic.

Steps to follow:

  1. Access PopAI: Go to the PopAI and log in to your account.

  2. Input Your Topic: Start by entering your presentation topic. PopAI will use this input to generate a customizable outline with smart layouts and automatic illustrations that are tailored to your content.

  3. Customize the Presentation: Once PopAI provides a draft, you can customize it by editing the text, changing the layout, or adding and modifying illustrations. The platform offers a variety of templates and design options to enhance your presentation.

  4. Review and Edit: Take advantage of PopAI's editing tools to make sure your presentation looks exactly how you want. You can adjust the design details and add specific elements that align with your presentation's theme.

  5. Export and Share: When you're satisfied with your presentation, you can export it as a PPTX file or share it directly via a link provided by PopAI.



✈️ Wonderplan- AI-powered travel planning made easy

💼 Skillora- AI Mock Interview Tool for job success

✍️ Book AI Writer- AI writing assistant for captivating book creation

📸 HeadshotsWithAI- AI-powered headshots for professionals

🔒 AuthGPTs- API security and user management solution

🖼️ Whatwide- AI tool for image and document generation


Meta adds AI-powered features to WhatsApp Business app

Meta has announced new AI tools for WhatsApp Business, allowing for automated ad creation and customer support responses, expanding their use of AI in business communication. Currently testing in India and Singapore, these features will soon be available in Brazil.

Google Play tightens reins on AI apps after deepfake nudes emerge

Google is introducing new guidelines for developers on Google Play to prevent inappropriate AI-generated content and ensure user safety. Apps must rigorously test AI features, prevent restricted content like violence or sexual material, and offer ways to flag offensive content. Additionally, apps promoting inappropriate use cases could be banned.

Stability AI releases Stable Audio

Stability AI's new open-source model, Stable Audio Open, generates 47-second audio samples from text prompts, ideal for sound design. Available on Hugging Face, it emphasizes responsible development and allows custom audio data fine-tuning.

Cisco unveils $1B global AI investment fund

Cisco has launched a $1 billion global AI investment fund to support the development of secure AI solutions, with $200 million already committed. The fund aims to foster startups like Cohere, Mistral AI, and Scale AI, enhancing Cisco's strategy to connect and protect AI innovations.


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