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  • 💥 Chinese firm unveils Sora's competitor "Vidu"

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Image Source: Vidu

China's Shengshu Technology and Tsinghua University have introduced a new text-to-video model named Vidu at the 2024 Zhongguancun Forum in Beijing. .

The Details:

  • This new AI tool can generate 16-second video clips at 1080p resolution from text descriptions, positioning it as a direct competitor to OpenAI's Sora

  • It can generate 16-second clips at 1080p, offering clear, high-definition video content.

  • Utilizes a Universal Vision Transformer (U-ViT) that supports realistic multi-camera view generation, enhancing the depth and realism of the videos.

  • Can seamlessly transition between different camera angles within a single scene, adding to the cinematic quality of the videos.

Despite its impressive capabilities, Vidu's realism isn't quite on par with Sora, especially in terms of visual fidelity. However, it does excel in creating consistent and detailed sequences, showcasing significant potential for future enhancements in AI-generated video technology


Apple is set to upgrade the iPhone with new AI features in iOS 18. These discussions are gearing up for the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) scheduled for June 2024, where Apple plans to showcase these advancements.

The Details:

  • Apple is engaging with OpenAI and other top AI organizations to incorporate cutting-edge AI technology into the iPhone, focusing on seamless integration while prioritizing user privacy.

  • The planned AI features will operate directly on iPhones using Apple’s neural engine, ensuring that user data remains secure and private.

  • Apple’s strategy includes embedding these AI capabilities into devices independently of cloud processing, reinforcing its commitment to privacy and security.

Apple’s strategy includes potentially using external AI technologies to offer sophisticated chatbot-like features without compromising its commitment to privacy.


✍️ Grammarly - Enhance writing skills and communicate confidently with AI writing

 🧠 Kimi Chat- An intelligent assistant with unlimited memory power

💬 ChatPDF- AI-powered service ChatPDF allows users to chat with any PDF

🎨 Leonardo AI- AI-driven asset generation for creative projects

🖼️ Looka- AI-powered logo maker that creates custom logos



OpenAI now enables users to edit AI-generated images from DALL-E directly within ChatGPT, boosting creative and customization possibilities in AI-generated art.

Amazon is offering free credits to startups to encourage the use of AI models, including those from Anthropic, aiming to boost innovation and adoption of AI technologies.

Yahoo has purchased Artifact, an AI news platform created by Instagram’s co-founders, highlighting a growing interest in AI-driven content creation and distribution.

Google has incorporated its BERT model into its search algorithms, enhancing the accuracy and contextual relevance of search results.

Stanford University researchers have developed an AI model called AlphaFold, which predicts protein structures to assist in drug discovery and disease treatment.

AI is being leveraged to enhance crop yields, detect plant diseases, and streamline farming operations, with companies like IBM and John Deere leading the way.

AI is transforming healthcare through diagnostics, personalized medicine, and patient care, with startups like PathAI and Tempus driving progress.

NVIDIA’s DLSS technology uses AI to improve graphics performance in video games, enhancing visual quality and gameplay.

Companies like DeepL and Google are refining language translation services using advanced neural networks and transformer models, facilitating smoother cross-language communication.


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