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🕵️ Mysterious ‘GPT2-chatbot’ AI Model

PLUS: OpenAI Partners with Financial Times 🤝

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  • 🕵️ Mysterious ‘GPT2-chatbot’ AI Model

  • 🤝 OpenAI partners with UK's Financial Times

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Image Source: Andrew Gao (@itsandrewgao on X)

A new AI chatbot, "gpt2-chatbot," recently surfaced on LMSYS Chatbot Arena, stirring excitement with its mysterious origins and impressive capabilities.

The Details:

  • The gpt2-chatbot appeared without any prior announcement, quickly gaining attention for its performance that rivals, or perhaps exceeds, OpenAI’s GPT-4.

  • Its name hints at a connection to OpenAI's GPT-2, but its true creator remains unknown. This sparked widespread speculation, especially after OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman hinted at a link in a social media post.

  • Experts suggest this chatbot could be an interim update, potentially a "GPT-4.5," as the tech world eagerly awaits GPT-5.

The emergence of the gpt2-chatbot has intrigued the tech community, prompting debates and excitement about what OpenAI might unveil next.


Image Source: Getty Images

OpenAI has formed a strategic partnership with the Financial Times, licensing the newspaper's content for use in training its AI models and enhancing ChatGPT responses.

The Details:

  • The agreement allows OpenAI to train its models with FT content and display excerpts in AI responses, maintaining a non-exclusive, non-ownership approach.

  • The partnership is set to develop AI-driven features for FT readers, aiming to improve content discovery and user engagement on the platform.

  • This move addresses potential legal issues around content use, following similar challenges faced by AI companies, and supports more accurate and reliable AI outputs by using vetted journalistic sources.

This partnership marks a significant step in integrating trustworthy journalistic content into AI systems, which could enhance the quality and reliability of AI-generated text.


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Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot: Known for pioneering robotics, Boston Dynamics recently unveiled the electric Atlas robot and announced improvements in its ability to fall safely, enhancing both safety and agility for humanoid robots.

MongoDB's Evolution and AI Insights: MongoDB CEO Dev Ittycheria has steered the company's growth since 2014, notably embracing cloud technologies. Recently, he discussed the hype around AI and MongoDB's adaptation to evolving technology trends.

RPA Vendors Shift to AI Agents: The landscape of enterprise automation is shifting towards AI-driven agents, which utilize generative AI to redefine automation processes, as major tech companies delve deeper into this evolving field.

OpenAI’s Sora Tool: OpenAI's video generation tool, Sora, has made waves in the AI community with its realistic video outputs, sparking discussions about its capabilities and limitations.

EyeEm Photo Licensing for AI Training: The photo-sharing community EyeEm is now licensing user photos to train AI models, with an opt-out option for users not wishing to contribute.

Meta's AI Chatbot and Llama 3: Meta has launched a new AI chatbot powered by its Llama 3 model, showcasing the application of large language models in practical user interactions, though its full potential is still under exploration.

Curio’s AI News Anchor, Rio: Start-up Curio is testing Rio, an AI news anchor, highlighting the increasing integration of AI in news delivery systems.

Rabbit vs. Humane’s AI Pin: Rabbit, an AI-powered voice interface gadget, is in trials, coming on the heels of Humane's Ai Pin release, indicating growing competition in AI wearable technologies.

OpenAI Startup Fund’s Growth: The OpenAI Startup Fund, distinct from OpenAI, focuses on early-stage investments in AI-centric firms, recently securing $15 million to bolster its investment initiatives.

xAI’s Massive Funding Round: Elon Musk’s AI venture, xAI, is in the process of raising $6 billion at a valuation of $18 billion, with significant participation from X, Musk’s social network.


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