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  • 🚗 Musk Redirects Tesla AI Chips to X

🚗 Musk Redirects Tesla AI Chips to X

OpenAI Insiders Push for Whistleblower Rights 🔊

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  • 🚀 Elon Musk redirects Tesla's AI chips to X

  • 🔊 OpenAI insiders demand the right to blow whistle

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Elon Musk has redirected thousands of Nvidia AI chips from Tesla to his social media company X, raising questions about Tesla’s AI and robotics ambitions and potentially delaying its chip acquisitions.

The Details:

  • Shift in Priorities: Originally destined for Tesla, the Nvidia H100 GPUs are now being funneled to X, disrupting plans for Tesla's AI advancements.

  • Tesla’s AI Delay: The reallocation may set back Tesla’s purchase of $500 million in AI chips, crucial for its transition to an AI and robotics leader.

  • Internal Conflicts: While Tesla plans to ramp up its AI chip inventory from 35,000 to 85,000 by year’s end, the internal Nvidia communications suggest discrepancies between Musk’s public statements and actual chip allocation.

This bold move by Musk could stir investor concerns as it prioritizes his social media interests over Tesla’s AI goals. It underscores the intense competition and strategic decision-making driving the AI industry, where such shifts can significantly affect company trajectories and market expectations.


A group of OpenAI insiders is calling for increased transparency and safety in the AI industry. emphasizing the need for a culture that supports open criticism and robust oversight.

The Details:

  • Transparency and Safety Concerns: The group's open letter emphasizes the need for AI companies to be more forthcoming about the serious risks associated with AI, including potential manipulation and loss of control.

  • Culture of Open Criticism: They urge companies to foster environments that welcome and protect employees who raise concerns, highlighting the slow pace of legal protections in keeping up with technological advancements.

  • Response from OpenAI: OpenAI has expressed pride in their track record of delivering capable and safe AI systems. The company supports rigorous debate about these technologies and has established an anonymous integrity hotline and a Safety and Security Committee.

The insiders' call for transparency and ethical vigilance is vital as AI technology becomes more embedded in society. This movement is crucial for fostering a responsible AI ecosystem that prioritizes safety and societal well-being alongside technological advancement.



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Intel unveils new chip tech in AI battle with Nvidia, AMD

Intel has unveiled the Xeon 6 processor at Computex in Taiwan, optimized for high-intensity data center workloads with enhanced performance and power efficiency. They also introduced the cost-effective Gaudi 2 and Gaudi 3 AI accelerators. Additionally, Intel's upcoming Lunar Lake processors, set for a Q3 release, promise to intensify competition in the AI PC market.

Nvidia and Salesforce invest $450M in AI firm Cohere

Canadian AI startup Cohere has raised $450 million in funding from investors including Nvidia and Salesforce Ventures, boosting its valuation to $5 billion from $2.2 billion. Specializing in generative AI with a focus on data privacy and revenue growth, Cohere is positioning itself as a significant competitor in the AI industry.

Microsoft Introduces AI Weather Forecasting Model ‘Aurora’

Microsoft has introduced "Project Aurora," a new initiative designed to revolutionize cloud computing by enhancing data processing capabilities and boosting efficiency for businesses globally. The project aims to set new standards in cloud technology, offering unmatched performance and reliability.

AI video startup Pika raises $80 million to compete with OpenAI and Google

Pika, an emerging AI video-generation startup, has raised $80 million in venture capital funding, joining the ranks of industry giants like OpenAI and Google. Collaborating with other AI video innovators such as Runway and Synthesia, Pika aims to transform the AI video landscape. This investment reflects the rapid growth of the AI and machine-learning sector, with venture capital investments reaching $25.9 billion in Q1 2024.


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