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  • ๐Ÿค–ย Microsoft unveils AI-powered Windows PC

  • ๐ŸŽจย Generate Stunning Artwork with AI

  • ๐Ÿ›  New AI tools

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Microsoft has launched Copilot+ PCs, boasting significant AI advancements and efficiency improvements. This update marks a major evolution for the Windows platform.

The Details:

  • Enhanced Performance: Copilot+ PCs are up to 20 times more powerful and 100 times more efficient in handling AI workloads, enhancing user productivity.

  • Recall Feature: Recall acts like photographic memory, allowing users to access past activities and information intuitively using personal semantic indexing stored on the device.

  • Adobe Integration: Adobe's flagship apps like Photoshop, Lightroom, and Express are now available on Copilot+ PCs, with Illustrator and Premiere Pro coming soon. This integration enhances creative tasks with AI support.

Copilot+ PCs bring powerful AI features to the Windows platform, improving performance and user experience. With features like Recall and Adobe integration, Microsoft is making advanced AI tools more accessible and efficient.

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Best features:

  • Chat with the latest AI like GPT-4, Claude 3, and Gemini 1.5, all in one place.

  • Perfect your writing anywhere with 1-click AI without copy-pasting.

  • Save 90% of your reading & watching time with AI summaries.

  • Reply 10x faster with AI on email, social media, and messaging web apps.

  • Rapidly turn your visions into stunning images with AI art generators.


Generate Stunning Artwork with Leonardo AI

Use Leonardo AI: Leonardo AI leverages advanced AI algorithms to help you create detailed and personalized art pieces, making it a valuable tool for both professional designers and hobbyists.

Steps to follow:

  1. Go to the Leonardo AI

  2. Select the type of art you want to createโ€”be it images, videos, or other digital art forms.

  3. Input your specific requirements or themes, and choose from various style options provided by the AI.

  4. Use the AI to generate your artwork based on the inputs you've provided.

  5. Once the art is generated, you can download it or use Leonardo AIโ€™s tools to further refine and edit the artwork.



๐Ÿ“š ReadPaper- Organize and annotate academic content effortlessly.

๐Ÿค–You- AI search assistant with chat capabilities.

๐Ÿงชย SciSpace- AI research assistant for scientific literature.

๐ŸŽง NaturalReader- Converts online text to natural audio.

๐Ÿ–๏ธ Glasp- Highlight and save web content efficiently.

๐Ÿ”ŠWavFlow- Revolutionizing text-to-speech technology with natural-sounding voices.


Hugging Face commits $10 million in free shared GPUs

Hugging Face is investing $10 million in shared GPUs through its ZeroGPU initiative to support smaller developers and academics in the AI community. This move aims to democratize access to computational resources, fostering innovation and collaboration without hefty financial barriers.

Sony Music warns AI companies against unauthorized use of its content

Sony Music sent letters to over 700 AI companies and streaming platforms, warning against unauthorized use of its content for AI systems, which denies control and compensation to the label and artists. The letter, obtained by Bloomberg, highlights concerns over AI's use of copyrighted material, including music, art, and lyrics, from artists like Doja Cat and Lil Nas X.

Google is redesigning its search engine

Google is rolling out "AI Overviews," formerly known as the Search Generative Experience (SGE), to users in the US and soon globally. This feature, part of a broader AI transformation, will display AI-generated summaries at the top of many search results, enhancing the search experience by providing quick, comprehensive answers.


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