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🤝 Microsoft teams up with Truecaller

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Image Source: The Verge

Truecaller has partnered with Microsoft’s Azure AI Speech to enhance its AI assistant feature, allowing users to create an AI version of their voice for answering calls.

The Details:

  • Personalized Voice Assistant: Truecaller users can now record their voice, enabling Azure AI Speech to generate an AI version for answering calls. This feature adds a personal touch and showcases AI's transformative potential.

  • Functionality: Truecaller’s AI Assistant, introduced in 2022, screens incoming calls, providing the reason for the call and letting users decide how to respond. Initially available in select countries, it now includes a personalized voice option.

  • Security Measures: Microsoft’s Azure AI Speech adds watermarks to generated voices and requires user consent to prevent misuse. The personal voice feature is showcased at the Build conference and available for specific use cases like voice assistants.

Truecaller's partnership with Microsoft Azure AI Speech enhances user experience by adding personalization to its AI assistant. This collaboration highlights the innovative use of AI in daily interactions, balancing personalization with security and ethical considerations.

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Intellectia AI is a stock research platform for smarter investment. Intellectia AI simplifies investing with AI: access financial data, explore topics, analyze stocks, get recommendations, and share research in one platform.

Steps to follow:

  1. Sign Up and Log In: Start by visiting the Intellectia.AI and creating an account. You can start with a free trial to explore the platform's capabilities.

  2. Explore Investment Tools: Utilize the dashboard to access tools like the AI-driven stock picker, technical analysis with over 100 indicators, and real-time market insights.

  3. Set Up Custom Alerts: Customize alerts for stock movements, news updates, and economic events that could impact your investments.

  4. Analyze Stocks: Use the platform's AI to perform detailed technical analyses on stocks of interest, and review AI-generated summaries of financial documents and earnings calls.

  5. Track and Adjust: Continuously monitor your investments with the platform’s tracking features and make adjustments based on the AI’s insights and recommendations.



🔍 ThinkAny - An AI search engine for precise and efficient information retrieval.

📹 Arcads - Quickly generate high-quality marketing videos with ease.

🚀 UpGrow - Elevate your Instagram growth with AI-powered services.

👥 RenderNet - An AI tool for creating consistent and lifelike characters.

 Creatie - Revolutionizing design processes with the magic of AI.


Amazon, AI startup Hugging Face pair to use Amazon chips

AWS and Hugging Face are collaborating to run AI models on Amazon's custom Inferentia2 chips, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This partnership leverages Hugging Face's platform and AWS's focus on cost-effective inference for frequent AI model operations.

Snowflake acquires TruEra for observability in Data Cloud

Snowflake has acquired AI startup TruEra to improve its data cloud with tools for testing and monitoring machine learning models. This move enhances Snowflake's AI capabilities, ensuring accurate AI outputs and building a more trustworthy AI platform.

TikTok turns to generative AI to boost its ads business

TikTok has introduced "TikTok Symphony," an AI suite to enhance its ads business. It includes the "Symphony Creative Studio" for generating TikTok-ready videos, the "Symphony Assistant" for script writing and recommendations, and the "Symphony Ads Manager Integration" to optimize existing videos. Additionally, "TikTok One" offers a centralized hub for marketers, and new AI-driven performance solutions help advertisers target the best audience.


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