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  • 🤖 Microsoft readies new AI model to compete with GPT-4

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  • 🤯 Nvidia's DrEureka beats humans in training robots

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Microsoft readies new AI model to compete with GPT-4, Google, Anthropic

image Source: Reuters

Microsoft is developing a groundbreaking AI language model called MAI-1, potentially rivaling cutting-edge models from OpenAI, Google, and Anthropic. This ambitious in-house project reflects the tech giant's drive to lead AI development.

The Details:

  • Led by Mustafa Suleyman, formerly of Google and Inflection, MAI-1 will contain approximately 500 billion parameters.

  • MAI-1 is positioned to rival OpenAI’s GPT-4, reportedly containing over 1 trillion parameters, and surpasses smaller models from Meta and Mistral.

  • Microsoft is leveraging vast GPU clusters and training data from sources like OpenAI’s GPT-4 and public internet datasets.

MAI-1 represents Microsoft's bold strategy to innovate both independently and through partnerships. By focusing on both large and small-scale models, Microsoft is showing it's ready to challenge the biggest names in AI, reaffirming its position at the forefront of tech.


Stack Overflow and OpenAI have teamed up to make coding easier for developers worldwide. This partnership blends Stack Overflow’s community wisdom with OpenAI’s AI expertise.

The Details:

  • Stack Overflow’s OverflowAI integrates AI tools like improved search and Visual Studio Code extensions, helping developers solve problems more efficiently.

  • OpenAI’s advanced language models will be embedded directly into Stack Overflow, providing accurate coding assistance within the platform.

  • This partnership will deliver sophisticated tools that generate accurate code, solve complex issues, and integrate insights into existing workflows.

The collaboration between Stack Overflow and OpenAI shows how AI is changing the way developers work. It promises a future where coding is simpler, smarter, and more efficient, opening up new possibilities for tech development worldwide.


✈️ Wonderplan- AI-powered travel planning made easy

💼 Skillora- AI Mock Interview Tool for job success

✍️ Book AI Writer- AI writing assistant for captivating book creation

📸 HeadshotsWithAI- AI-powered headshots for professionals

🔒 AuthGPTs- API security and user management solution

🖼️ Whatwide- AI tool for image and document generation


Nvidia's DrEureka beats humans in training robots

Nvidia, UPenn, and UT Austin researchers introduced DrEureka, an AI method that automates reward functions and sim-to-real transfer for more efficient robotics training. This approach boosts training speed by 34% and distance by 20%, excelling in tasks like robo-dog yoga ball balancing.

U.S. Air Force Secretary rides in AI-controlled jet

During Apple's recent earnings call, CEO Tim Cook expressed excitement for Apple's plans in generative AI, emphasizing their strengths in hardware, software, and privacy. Despite a small drop in iPhone sales, Apple is optimistic about the potential for innovation. With competitors like Amazon and Google moving fast, all eyes are on Apple's WWDC event in June for big news.

Warren Buffet warns about AI scams as the next big industry

Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway has cautioned against the possible dangers of artificial intelligence, pointing out how it can enable scams and manipulation. Although he acknowledges AI's potential benefits, he compares its power to nuclear weapons, emphasizing that it could significantly impact society both positively and negatively.

AI gives Randy Travis a new voice after stroke

Randy Travis has released "Where That Came From," his first song since a stroke in 2013. The AI-generated track recreates his voice using old recordings, showcasing how AI can enhance creative expression. Fans and artists celebrated the technology that helped bring his voice back to life.

AI Beats Humans in Moral Judgments

A study found that participants rated AI-generated answers to ethical questions higher than human responses in virtue, intelligence, and trustworthiness. This moral Turing test raises concerns about the growing role of AI in decision-making and uncritically trusting its guidance.


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