🍎 Apple's Siri Gets AI Upgrade

Nvidia Stock Hits Record High📈

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  • 🍎 Apple's Siri Gets AI Upgrade in iOS 18

  • 📈 Nvidia stock hits record high

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Image Source: Unsplash

Apple is gearing up to revolutionize Siri with a significant AI upgrade in the upcoming iOS 18, set to enhance how users interact with iPhone apps using just their voice.

The Details:

  • Voice Command Expansion: Siri will soon let users control Apple app features with their voices, initially supporting numerous commands.

  • Multi-tasking Capabilities: Future updates will allow Siri to handle multiple tasks at once, such as summarizing a meeting and sending it off in one go.

  • On-Device AI Processing: Apple is focusing on processing AI tasks directly on the iPhone, enhancing privacy and efficiency by using powerful on-device chip

Apple's upcoming Siri update is a promising leap towards more interactive and efficient user experiences, potentially setting a new standard for voice-controlled assistants. This move could make everyday interactions with the iPhone smoother and more intuitive.


Image Source: Getty Images

Nvidia's stock has reached a new all-time high ahead of its highly anticipated earnings report this week, reflecting the company's strong position in the AI sector and investor optimism.

The Details:

  • Record Stock Performance: Nvidia's stock closed at $954 on Tuesday, surpassing its previous high of $950 set in March. This new peak comes amid high expectations for its upcoming earnings report.

  • Market Influence: Nvidia's stock has surged by over 500% in the past 18 months due to its dominant position in the AI semiconductor market, capturing around 80% of the market share for machine learning applications.

  • Earnings Anticipation: Analysts expect Nvidia to report substantial growth, with revenue projected to increase by 240% to $24.6 billion and net income by 540% to $13.1 billion for the first quarter of 2024.

Nvidia's impressive stock performance underscores its key role in AI. Meeting or exceeding analysts' expectations will be crucial in maintaining its market momentum and leadership in AI technology.


VEED.IO is a user-friendly online video editor that offers powerful tools such as AI auto-subtitles, text-to-speech, and video effects to create professional-looking videos quickly

Steps to follow:

  1. Go to VEED.IO:

  2. Select the video editing tool you need, such as the AI Video Generator for creating videos from text prompts, or the YouTube Video Maker for crafting content specifically tailored for YouTube.

  3. You can start by uploading your video clips or use VEED’s stock library to add media to your project.

  4. Utilize VEED’s editing features like trimming, cropping, adding subtitles, and applying filters to enhance your video.

  5. Once your video is edited to your liking, download it or directly share it from the platform to your desired social media channel.


📚 Book AI Writer - An AI writing assistant for creating captivating books.

🎨 FanCraft - Platform to create and monetize AI models using personal photos.

📊 ChatViz - Powerful data visualization tool powered by ChatGPT.

🤖SocialDude - AI-driven content creation for all social platforms.

🎵 Suno-Top - A quick music downloader for Suno AI.

🎨 Exactly AI - An advanced AI artwork creation platform for artists.


Google AI admits: Search feature messed up

Google's AI Overview search feature faced backlash for bizarre suggestions like eating rocks and adding glue to pizza sauce. Liz Reid, Google's head of search, admitted the mistakes, caused by misinterpreting satirical content, and promised ongoing improvements.

Windows now has AI-powered copy and paste

Microsoft's new Advanced Paste feature in PowerToys for Windows 11 uses AI to convert clipboard content on the fly. Activated with Windows Key + Shift + V, it offers conversion options like plaintext, markdown, and JSON. You can enable "Paste with AI" for more advanced conversions, such as translations or code generation, requiring OpenAI API credits. You must add an OpenAI API key in PowerToys and purchase API credits to use this feature.

Tech giants form an industry group to help develop next-gen AI chip components

Intel, Google, Microsoft, Meta, and others are forming the Ultra Accelerator Link (UALink) Promoter Group to develop a standard for connecting AI accelerator chips in data centers. The initiative aims to enhance interoperability and efficiency, targeting AI accelerators across servers, with the first UALink products expected within a couple of years.

Meta introduces Chameleon, a state-of-the-art multimodal model

Meta has launched Chameleon, a multimodal AI model that integrates text, images, code, and more using an "early-fusion" approach to transform all inputs into unified tokens. It excels in image captioning and visual question answering, while also performing well in text-only tasks. Meta aims to offer Chameleon as an open alternative to private models, potentially advancing AI applications like robotics.

Microsoft ties up with UAE-based AI firm to invest $1 bln in Kenya data center

Microsoft is partnering with UAE-based AI firm G42 to invest $1 billion in a geothermal-powered data center in Kenya, aiming to expand cloud-computing services in East Africa. The data center will provide access to Microsoft's Azure, and G42 is also training an AI model in Swahili and English. The agreement will be signed during Kenyan President William Ruto's U.S. visit, with the data center expected to be operational within two years.


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